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Over 1000 entries on glossary of legal terms

Today is big day - finally the glossary of legal terms exceeded 1000 entries! I keep adding new entries everyday and I have just noticed that there are already 1069 entries. Hopefully by the end of August I will achieve 2000 entries - wel that remains to be seen.

It is not the only development - I have also published on the site my Thesis on Consumer Protection in E-commerce - there is still some work left, but most of it is already done.

 The third development is download section with useful software for translators, I try to add new programs once or twice a week.

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25th June 2009

Despite several large translation projects and regular contributions to Kudoz,  I keep working on the site. Two days ago I have installed component allowing me to organize materials for download. So far the Download section includes my Resume and Master Thesis as well as several usefull programes. For the time being programes are divided in two groups - one which is of interest most of all to translators, and the other one which covers more universal tools.

Today I have expanded resources section - I have added several general sources of reference on Poland and even more resources in English on Polish law.

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Work on the site continues. After two hours of intense work I have added another 40 units to the glossary. At this rate it will take me a very long time before I manage to transfer all the meticulously compiled glossary. Especially that during work I keep finding new ideas for new entries.
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I have been planning this site for ages. It has been live now for a couple of weeks. Website still requires a lot of work but there has been already the first success – it has been indexed by Google. There have even be two first visitors who found it using Google!

The most recent improvement has been installation of the Glossary component – I have already entered there 40 units from my painstakingly compiled glossary of legal terminology. At this rate it is going to take a long time before all the terms are online but I will try to work systematically…