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Application of Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) in legal translation.

Probably it is best to start explaining benefits of Computer Assisted Translation from saying what it is not. It has practically nothing to do with automatic translation in a style of Google Translate. CAT involves translating with use of sophisticated software which stores so called segments with previous translations and recognizing when identical or very similar segments appears again.

 Using CAT tools (I am certified user of SDL Trados) helps in legal translation in several ways.
One of requirements of good legal translation is consistency. Computer Assisted Translation helps to increase consistency not only by storing previous translations but also by integrating a termbase and helping to find in translated text phrases which have their translations in a termbase (and consequently translating the same phrases always in the same way).

Besides consistency CAT helps to achieve  two other important goals:
  • Increases speed – in case of translation of typical documents like for example contracts use of CAT may even double daily capacity of the translator without any detriment to the quality of translation.
  • Increases consistency of translation
  • Lowers costs – I charge less for repetitive fragments of text. Also when you commission me translation of  a long text – let’s say of a 20 page long contract and subsequently you make some small amendments to the text which need to be incorporated into translation my use of SDL Trados let’s me charge you in some situations even 80-90% less than retranslation of the entire document.