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English to Polish translation

Like majority of translators I prefer to translate into my native tongue - Polish.  It has been primary language of my education, due to studying law and for a certain period of time also practicing law in Polish I am well familiar with Polish legal terminology and I am well prepared to express intricacies of English legal terminology in Polish. In this field significantly help me fair knowledge of English legal system, law of the European Union and years of practice of an interpreter in courts, law offices, prisons, and other circumstances involving law. While I make co claim to being able to give legal advice regarding English law, I easily shift from notions and structures of English (and to some extent American) law to the realities of the Polish legal system.

Besides legal documents I also translate texts in such fields as:

  • Business,
  • Insurance,
  • Real estate,
  • Health and safety and
  • Manuals.

Other services offered by me in pair English to Polish are:

  • Proofreading & editing
  • Transcription and
  • Website translation.

In case of website translation l can work with actual files of your site; translating not only text normal, visible but also metatags (title, keywords, description), alternative description of pictures, hyperlinks, etc. so in fact, when I finish files are ready to be uploaded on your server.