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Specialization areas

I specialize in translation of texts regarding law, European Union, business and real estate. However what I like in profession of a translator is variety. That is why from time to time I undertake assignments in other areas. Every time I undertake translation in an area I am less familiar I start with extensive research and adjust my daily turnaround to compensate for necessary additional research required during translation.  Among others I have done multiple projects is such various fields as:

  • Software localization
  • Power tools
  • History
  • Tourism
  • Marketing and others

Some of the documents I translate on regular basis are

  • contracts,
  • statutes,
  • articles of association,
  • contracts,
  • judicial writs,
  • judgements,
  • resolutions,
  • reports of board meetings
  • records of court proceedings,
  • testimonies
  • pleadings,
  • regulations,
  • bylaws,
  • appraisal reports,
  • business texts,
  • certificates,
  • general texts
  • scientific and semi-scientific texts
  • EU documents
  • manuals
  • documentation for tenders for military equipment
  • webpages (HTML, XHTML, PHP and other files).